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Wish I had searched for these reviews before I used this company. At this point, youre probably wondering: What do customers really think about British Supplements? Order placed and paid for on the 14th April. I ordered on 19thApril and 9 days later still have not received shipping information. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. They ensure that the product they make is to remain transparent, sustainable, and affordable. Clearly a scam company. Despite all odds I am feeling more motivated and good in my mood. Anybody who has read other articles I have written on You-Well will know I am big on well-being supplements. Buyer beware! The website mentioned that the production facility is in NI. 30 Mar 2023. . I was recommended this company off someone as the quality of there supplements are supposed to be brilliant. Great supplements. I've been taking NMN now for two years now I have used a few different brands the quality of British Supplements NMN is top class. Mr Chris Boyle (Real Health Supplements Limited) - Director Profile - Endole Mr Chris Boyle Mr Chris Boyle has been appointed in a total of 1 companies. We will look to open some stores throughout the UK as well because you won't see our products in the shops. THEY SCAMMED SO MANY PPL! Moreover his emails are a great source of info that he takes time to write. The d3 was also opened! Thats where the British Supplements Ashwagandha + Uptake Blend comes in. Started to take Clean Zinc from British Supplement and started noticed difference in hair growth already. You will get a text message on the day of your delivery, and its your responsibility to let the DHL driver know where to leave the package if you are not at home. I stumbled across British Supplement while looking for Collagen. What I do like is they sell samples, which I think is an excellent idea. They are all at it. Verification can help ensure real people write reviews about real companies. I wish I had read these reviews before ordering from this company. I have used your brain stack and more. Very unprofessional contact via email. Touch wood, I have not had a smelly cold, cough or snot in over 3 years, and genuinely feel that these supplements keep me well. Despite the awful gimmicky loud website that looks like it cold be a scam, I placed an order, before I read these reviews as, some specific independent product reviews were good, and were from customers over a long period (2.3 years - but maybe they were false reviews sent by the company itself). So its no wonder this brand is gaining traction in a booming industry. I am sure a business like this could never survive the lack of respect, lack of customer service and lack of being able to handle orders. No phone number. Also using 50+ stack. I will NOT be reccommending them to any one else. Either way I highly recommend British Supplements. leave a question for this page, our team will answer it. Their Marine Collagen and Silica are my favs for healthy skin, hair and nails. Received an email stating despatched and due for delivery 4/4. British Supplements Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Reviews, British Supplements Ashwagandha + Uptake Blend Reviews, British Supplements Vitamin D3+K2 Reviews. Voice your opinion today and hear what 1,094 customers have already said. If they have logistic problems then why not inform about it BEFORE i pay? I thought Id give them a try to see if they did anything for me. Also, I always prefer to buy British products; this company offers great products and honesty. Until now!!! I really felt a difference within the first week! These supplements will give you a simple solution to go that extra mile for your health and fitness. They did have time to send me multiple informative emails about how good people say their products were which are a good read but can be a little spammy sometimes. There is no freedom of speech in the UK so we cant write what anything might help with. Very poor service, after a week I have still not received my order or any indication that it has been dispatched. The replies are so distracting that it is hard to bring your attention back to the floods of positive reviews about the products. Basically The Opposite To What 99% Of Businesses Worldwide Are. 14 followers 1 connection. I had tried Ashwagandha before and wanted to see whether Tongkat Ali had the same effects. I'm not sure how else to describe it. Really bad and extremely unprofessional. Over the years I have wasted 100s on supplements only to throw away due to them being bunk, or getting a bad reaction im talking to you Ashwaganda and ND Agmatine. Placed order on 1st April and still not received. Using my CDP, q10, ginkgo, D3, K2, GPC, uridine, turmeric, zinc, rhidiola, pine bark, magnesium and lions mane. So it's no wonder this brand is gaining traction in a booming industry. All Rights Reserved. Buy Magnesium Glycinate Skin Supplement Ordered from them 2 weeks ago, order hasnt been dispatched and no one bothered to respond to any of my emails but they got time to send countless irrelevant promotional emails to my inbox. And you can reject the package.Which is it ????? To learn more about how and for what purposes Amazon uses personal information (such as Amazon Store order history), please visit our Privacy Notice. Shame. If you don't mind getting 4 barrels for late delivery or an issue with the product, knock yourself out. We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation. Until now!!! Ordered 80.00 worth of items 31/3. I would NOT buy if you value your health Took about 10 days to even get despatched despite contacting numerous times to cancel. | Read 21-40 Reviews out of 1,043. Terrible customer service. Total waist of time and money. Was told that it had already been despatched after about 5 emails. Shocked how you treat your real customers who try to support a small business! What can you do in this situation? If they sold all the supplements I needed I would shop no where else. Have found them to be of top quality and will certainly continue purchasing further supplements from as required. This Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen is available in 4 packs options you can choose: When your body feels good on the inside, youll tend to look better on the outside. After these were stopped during the pandemic, I looked around for high-quality supplements, and found British Supplements. They need to look at and address their own issues before calling others. These contain Methylcobalamin, which is the most effective (and safest) version of b12. Orders ship via DHL, and for offshore Island, the brand uses Royal Mail with the delivery of 1 2 business days during the workweek. The perfect example is his innovation labs, working to solve problems on what the modern health-conscious person was having: What supplement do I take? My daughter had a lingering snotty cold. But now coming out with excuses and not replying to emails! as well as taking other vitamins from you. You can find all of our reviews on our Turmeric page by clicking here and scrolling down to the reviews section - Turmeric page link. Still waiting for an order placed over a week ago, not even a dispatch email. You can find all of our reviews on our Vitamin D3+K2 page by clicking here and scrolling down to the reviews section - Vitamin D3+K2 reviews. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Cookie Preferences, as described in the Cookie Notice. Read 1 more review about British Supplements. So its your full responsibility for your parcel to be trackable when its delivered back to the brand. I thought Id give them a try to see if they did anything for me. Heard a lot about the importance of supplementing vit d particularly in the winter months so British Supplements is the obvious choice for me. From Cordyceps and Lions Mane, all the way to Vitamin C and CBD. The brand states that theyre not owned by Big Pharma, nor in a joint venture with the Government, but a small business represented by none that pays its taxes and aims to genuinely help people. I GAVE CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS TO PUT THE PARCEL IN THE GREEN TIN IN MY PORCH OR IN THE CORNER OF THE PORCH DUE TO DOGS EATING POST OUTSIDE! View chris boyle's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Amazing daughter of 18 years slowly getting stronger and are so please to have faith in pure goods. Vitamin D is CRUCIAL for so many bodily functions, from internal health to sleep and everything in between. Worst customer service ever. Unlike the other supplement brand, they want a win-win relationship where they will give you the best supplements on the market with no added binders, fillers, etc., while they look to become more. Whats actually in this vitamin? The site does say that they have some stores that sell the products but doesnt list which, so your best bet to buy is directly from their official website. No way will they enter my body I dont think its safe. Me and my partner have been using British Supplements for nearly 2 years and they are a great company and their products really work. Thank you, Chris and team, for fighting the good fight and being a blessing to all those who love the Truth , I have now purchased quite a few supplements from BS - I take Turmeric, Vit D3 & K2, Mega Magnesium, Lungwort, plus B12 and have just ordered NAC. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision. This is a great Karen and Snowflake filter ! but nothing happened. Copyright 2023 I broke my nose as a teenager, and since then not been able to breathe through my left nostril very well. My sister is being treated woth leukeamia and whilst in hospital I got her the magnesium supplement as her mag levels are always low. Most brands don't even make their own products these days any way they buy from a couple of factories. I have emailed Chris - who seems to be the author of the notification and the author on the website intro page requesting a refund. Companies associated with this officer had at least 322,838 shareholder value and 939,542 cash in recent accounts. Up at 7.30am drink 1 litre of freshly pressed juice (used to be 1 litre of Steam distilled water first thing but recently switched the 2 around and drink the water during the day now). We will look to have about 200 Clean Premium Supplements in our online store. Very poor service. Nothing is made for people its all just made for profit and that's where we come in. I could also give 5 stars to ashwaganda so good for the mood and depression and anxiety, such great supplements, After trying many other turmeric capsules from other companies, I know I am now getting the best as my body is free from general aches and pains due to ageing. Do you know when you are actually buying a British product these days ? A lot of the content on Facebook and the website is very 'conspiratorial' - which does make people wary of the legitimacy of British supplements. I've just left a review for another health and wellbeing company regarding their overwhelming and pushy sales emails, often disguised as research-sharing. Save your money and go elsewhere. Wouldnt be without it, certainly feel the difference when I dont take it, well recommended also a calming effect, I also take Turmeric, MSM, Boswellia, D3/K2 & collagen amongst others I take. I have recommended them to several friends and colleagues and will continue to do so. This segment of our British Supplements review provides answers to those questions, and well be looking into comments and ratings from around the web. I thought I was buying from Chris over at British Supplements as this company has pretty much copied . They should know their capacity they can Handle! It still shows that my order has not been dispatched, then why the money was taken and why it was mentioned that the order will be dispatched in 3 days? Very poor customer service!. From what this British Supplements review can tell, the best way to get in touch with the team is through: The brands service hours are Monday Friday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Mr Chris Boyle is no longer active in 0 of these appointments. Check out what 1,421 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Keep up the good work guys., I had been using vitamin D for a while when i stumbled across your website. British Supplements ship to the UK. I have sent three emails asking about my order and or a refund, with no replies of yet. I can truly say after nearly two years and recommendations to friends I can honestly endorse British Supplements. as well as taking other vitamins from you. Well look at some of the brands best-selling natural supplement products and uncover the various ingredients list, benefits, how they work, and how to take them to help you see which capsules are best suited for you. How professional is that reply from a company?And now i have an email from dhl stating they are waiting to receive the package Bought many times from this company believe this will be the last. We truly appreciate your business and your loyalty to us. People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and theyll be displayed as long as an account is active. I call this double bulking and its disgusting isn't it? Disgusting.And I am a customer and have an account! Worst customer service ever. All of our products are 100% of what your looking to buy. My knees are supple and mostly pain free I put down to the turmeric. MR CHRIS BOYLE is British and resident in Northern Ireland. What really stands out about this brand is how much they seem to care about their customers. I was back to being able to swallow and my appetite returned as well. 2 days ago, But when i tried to track the parcel dhl did not recognise no. My blood pressure has come down and i feel healthy God Bless Susan ( Nottingham). However, always seek advice from your medical professionals when starting a new supplement routine, especially if you have any health conditions or sensitivities. Thought id just let you guys know my daily routine Mon-Fri at least. Also, check everything you put on your skin or hair they are all made by the same companies most of the time (Big Pharma). My sinuses have never been so clear!!!! Ordered MNM supplements. Im definitely sleeping better and my joints arent stiff in the morning now. One of the things that struck us about the reviews section is how glowing the reviews were, and how utterly crushing the replies to negative reviews are. You will see random people writing in the reviews section 'Write what each does' I wish we could say something like 'might help with a,b,c' but we can not.Big Pharma own the freedom of speech around everything health in the UK.This is also why we are always asking for reviews so everyone can help each other. Ordered on 16th April - DHL emailed today - delivery will be on 3rd May. As long as you dont have allergies to specific ingredients, there should be no concern for side effects. I was blocked. All British Supplements products are gluten-free, as stated clearly on their website. After much argument, I secured b12 injections for him on the NHS. PLEASE READ REVIEWS ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE. I have bought Clean Zinc, NAC,Quercetin, Milk thistle, Natural Vitamin C and Astaxanthin. We already give you the best prices we currently can plus we don't lie about the prices with pretend sales every day. If you agree, well also use cookies to complement your shopping experience across the Amazon stores as described in our Cookie Notice. We would also like to make a raw supplement line if this is possible. Whenever we see negative reviews we take them with a pinch of salt. I researched b12 many years ago and discovered that it is an essential, life-saving vitamin which is depleted by many medications (especially PPIs - Proton Pump Inhibitors like Omeprazole and Lansoprazole). Currently buying Berberine, Apple Cider Vinegar, Green Tea & Turmeric from them and my T2 Diabetes blood levels are back to normal levels. A UK Business that pays its Taxes and is based on genuinely helping people. Clean Genuine Milk Thistle Extract + Uptake Blend, hese are the best natural supplements Ive found.". I'm 65 and very fit, slender (now a size 12 again . I wonder why they chose Luxembourg ? BS supplements contain the best version. Well done British Supplement. Stay away from the company at rany cost. The higher the stars, showing that you love this British Supplements review. After much argument, I secured b12 injections for him on the NHS. British Supplements - Highest rated Magnesium Glycinate, Made in the UK capsules. We are based in N.Ireland (UK) and I created this business due to the sorry state that the food industry is in especially supplements. Make sure that the returned item must be unopened and in like-new condition. The Health industry is such a dirty market with so many dirty tactics, do we even know who we are buying from anymore ?Do we know what is in our products ? (Real Health Supplements LTD). There is one shipping fee for all UK buyers, which is 4, while the brand claims that it actually costs between 4.30 4.60 to ship via DHL. Anyone can write a Trustpilot review. I can now say im pain free in my back and Knees. I will be contacting my bank to resolve this not waiting months for my order! Do you agree with British Supplements's 4-star rating? You could check the back of any product you buy as 99% are made for profit and not made for humans. Did you know that Holland and Barrett's is owned by an international investment business based in Luxembourg. All they have time for is to put some comments and excuses on their website. Take this glowing British Supplements review: I purchased Collagen and vitamin D supplements and have been using them for over 3 months. Please read the ingredients list of your supplements and then look for the sneaky tab/link that says extra/other ingredients. You can purchase bundles of products to save on a few different supplements. Shipped next day but ordered a week ago and now finding out they have apparently 10k of back orders to sort out! Labeled Verified, theyre about genuine experiences.Learn more about other kinds of reviews. Tried adjusting my diet/exercise etc which helped a bit, but these supplements have been a game changer for me. Dont even bother ordering from this fraudulent company. I can run up the stairs. Here's some info on them from their own about us page below. I can understand the frustration, especially if you are a new customer who is not a recipient of his correspondence; but the company is not a scam. A polite professional reply, which takes responsibility (even when it is not the company's fault) shows a tactful, thoughtful company that will bend over backwards to help out. I have now been taking marine collagen for a month now and the change in my hair is impressive. I now understand there are delays but this was not at all stated on the website and the only information around this was hidden within a newsletter which new customers won't receive! I wonder why they chose Luxembourg ?It was founded by a Russian oil man, nothing suspicious here let's move on.. German company Merck KGaA owns Natures Best Here's some info on them from their own about us page below. Looks like I'll need to ask my bank to refund me, more hassle than its worth. We don't buy the cheap bulked out powders and then the supplement factory bulks them again as they have to put them through their machines and mass make millions of them. I just love what these guys stand for and their down right transparency . At this ultimate point, if you really need a one-stop solution to get all the multivitamins you need throughout the day, consider taking the best supplements within a comprehensive protocol as the British Supplementscan offer! A People first company who are always looking to improve, learn British Supplements They are huge. Abu Abdulrahman. I am determined that we at British Supplements can serve you the best Premium Health products on the market and keep growing with your help. I have had a general email talking rubbish about outsourced customer service and delays in dispatch. More posts from r/Supplements 277K subscribers biohacker045 2 days ago Im not even sure they ever bring my order: Order #464706 confirmed. I am a customer of yours and im certainly not slandering!!! All I can say is that I havent been sick for 2 years now. Suggested companies are based on peoples browsing tendencies. Do you agree with British Supplements's TrustScore? The only place you should buy supplements! Took a while to come but this was explained on an email. Ive used the Turmeric for the passed moth. | Read 261-280 Reviews out of 777 So I needed to take either Lansoprazole or Omeprazole every day and ever since I have started to take the Milk Thistle my acid reflux has vanished 99% and I could not be happier.The tablets themselves are tiny in comparison to any other tablets I have been taking and so easy .Also easy to fit into my daily protein shake use as I tend to open the capsules and mixed them in the blend .I wish I knew of them before .I have already purchased a second batch as do not want to run out . This seems to be a recurring theme within the review sections, comments and social media platforms. | Read 121-140 Reviews out of 1,039 . Please read the ingredients list of your supplements and then look for the sneaky tab/link that says extra/other ingredients. There are no sneaky little extras like those to the left. Delays. Currently, we are one week behind with orders, but we expect to be back up to speed within the next two weeks, once the new machine is installed and operational.We want to thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of transition. To which when I tracked the parcel when I received it it, the courier picked it up days after my email. British Supplements offers a variety of products, such as supplements, vitamins, mushrooms, algae, and more. washington football team president salary, las vegas shooting documentary 2021,

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