Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the process or a method of sending promotional messages to the people in bulk. It is basically used to introduce your business, Brand, product or service, drive sales and create an audience around your brand. It is an old but very effective and most profitable marketing strategy which is in use from more than a decade even there are various marketing strategies in this digital market. In a research it is analyzed that around $38 average return on the investment of $1.

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Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is beneficial for a business in many ways, from order confirmations to Newsletters, emails are an important feature of growth and managing business. 1. Conversion or sale is the most important component of every business growth and this whole marketing exercise is also for generating sales or more sales. So this email marketing campaign or sending bulk mails to your subscribers helps in getting more orders. Some email marketing techniques are also known to increase conversion rates:- a) Send Emails with a discount or special offer to their subscribers for celebrating birthday, anniversary or welcome email or re-engagement email etc. b) Send an automated reminder email to the subscriber when he/she selected a product in cart but left unordered.

10 Best Email Marketing Practices