EO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is a technique or a process of increasing quality and quantity of your content, blog or site traffic in a search engine. More visibility your content will get in search results more people will be attracted and more people will be attracted more leads will come. As well as we can say it is an exposure to your content, brand or business through non-paid i.e. organic search engine results.

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Why SEO Is Important For A Business?

In this current digital world when people are searching online for what they are looking for then the importance of SEO comes into place. Simply SEO is an understanding of what people are searching, answers they are looking, phrases (keywords) they are using and the content they wish to consume. By knowing these things you can connect with more and more people and can generate more leads to your business.
Businesses are majorly focusing on Paid advertisement, social media and other platforms to generate traffic but majorly all the traffic is coming from the search engine. So through Organic search results (SEO) you can optimize your content or site, rank it on first page of the search engines and get more clicks/ leads to your site or business. In a study it is found that in US of all US searches only 3% of the people click on the paid advertisement.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization Techniques