PPC - Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It is a quickest way of generating traffic, conversions & sales. As its name PPC -Pay Per Click describes itself. In this marketing method you have to pay for every click and have to put the money in the campaign account in advance or you can say it is based on pre-payment method. Once we sign up the account, create a campaign and put the money there into the ads account then it will be ready to show on top of the first page of search engine. There are two popular platforms that are mostly used for PPC Ads, Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

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How PPC - Pay Per Click Is Useful For Business?

Businesses are looking for various marketing ways to grow faster. SEO is a great way to generate leads but it takes months or even years some time in generating quality leads in good volume. So now Pay Per Click Marketing strategy comes into place to generate endless leads from the very first day by spending the money according to the average CPC (Cost Per Click) or Bid for a keyword or phrase decided by the marketing companies as per their searches on search engine.
o todays Marketing Strategies to grow the business covers both the channels (SEO & PPC) for generating leads. Most of the people are confused in choosing the correct strategy for marketing but as per the current marketing method a business should opt Mix Marketing Channel for long term benefits. SEO generates effective leads in FREE i.e. organic search or in a very least cost (Salary or cost of the person who does SEO) for a long term while PPC works on Instant Leads generation method. In this method businesses generates high volume leads according to their capacity and earn huge profits in a day by spending less in comparison to other traditional marketing channels like TV Ads, Radio Ads, Newspaper etc.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads Types